Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have Hens, Will Travel

With all the scraps of lumber, plywood, and hardware cloth laying around, I thought I would build my hens a nice new portable coop. Behold, the Just Fine Mini Coop-er with end-grain painted "California Poppy Orange" in honor of our great state.

I plan to bring the girls over to friends' houses as a sort of mobile weeding service.  With weeds gone and chickens happy with adventure and full bellies, I drink lemonade and catch up.  Brilliant!

Have a special furniture or garden project in mind?  Want a special mobile pet carrier of your own that is not plastic or made overseas? Contact the Just Fine Design/Build team and we will be happy to bring over Frank Lloyd and Amelia for a free garden-weeding and project consultation. 

Who knows, maybe they will even lay you a special egg while we're there!