Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tiny Bowling Set

Frequent Just Fine Collaborator Sheri K. commissioned the Just Fine Squad for a custom hand-turned gift: a tiny wooden bowling ball and 6 pins.  Apparently, her friends just moved into a house with a long hallway.  The pins are poplar, the bowl was a log of undetermined species and origin (but it's heavy! I hope her friends have stout baseboards in that hallway).

We made a lot of sawdust, but my chickens like it.

In her first trial roll, Sheri was wide left; second, wide right; third, strike!

Speaking of gifts, Just Fine will be manning a table at the Crucible's Gifty sale December 10-11-12.  We will have all sorts of wood and metal goodies, small and big.  If we can get our act together, we may even have one of our new experimental chicken coop designs built and for sale!