Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bar stool mock-up

We slapped one together today to see how it looks.

It just needs some grinding and a gun metal patina.  Some lucky ass will be loving us shortly..

Your feedback is appreciated!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An idea for the base

This is the prototype--side view.  We cut this out of wide flat steel bar and will weld them together.  Each stool will have 2 legs connected with spanner bars front and back.  We will grind the welds flat and patina the whole thing gun metal black.  What do you think about that?

It was fun re-learning geometry (the rear angle is 85 degrees--subtle, we think).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Current Project: Carving out a bench with an angle grinder!

Our latest just Fine Project has involved laminating a bunch of Doug Fir together and carving a contour that will carefully hold someone's bum. Our clent, Deepti, has requested a pair of stools and a bench of the same height for her kitchen island.

First we cut kerfs on the table saw and chiseled away the big chunks:
then, we got this angle grinder attatchment that has teeth similar to a chainsaw to chip away and sculpt the bench shape, and then smooth it out with sanding.

We're excited about the experiment. Next up: fabricating metal bases for the stools. stay tuned. . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

Photos from Libi's verruckt show


Here are a few better photos of our frames in Libi Kunst's verruckt show. Of course these are best seen in person--stop by My Trick Pony for a gander and a screen print of Libi's photos. Or be one of the lucky few to walk away with a Libi print in a Just Fine custom frame!

Matt and I have some new ideas for frames that we have never seen before. Have an interesting piece you want framed? Contact us!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Hat Estate Sales

Estate sales in San Francisco ever leave you wanting more?  Yeah, me too.  Our friends Danny and Alex come to the rescue with their new estate sale business and their first sale is this weekend in the Mission, March 12-14.  As bargain-hunters and reclaimers ourselves we wish them a successful sale and many more to come!  Love the name and love the idea.  Featuring folks from Blue Bottle and Dynamo Donuts, we can only hope the merchandise will be even better than the snacks.  See you there--

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grow Your Own

We here at Just Fine Design/Build encourage folks to grow their own food, and especially encourage y'all to keep your own chickens!  To show how serious we are about such adventure I recently adopted two hens from the San Francisco Animal Control Shelter.

The chickens are great pets and one of them is already laying a fresh egg every morning.  Amazing!

If you are interested in a custom, stylish coop for some chickens of your own, please contact us.  Most city ordinances (including San Francisco) allow up to 4 hens per yard (no roosters). We have a couple coop designs that we would love to build in advance of our showing at Maker Faire 2010.

Thanks to Michel for the photos of the Proud Papa and that beautiful coop. Thanks to Matt & the West Oakland Chicken Tractor Design/Build for the beautiful coop!

new project, new rules

Just Fine is in the research and development stage of a project for a client in Denver who wants a triangular metal + wood coffee table to fit in the corner of her L shaped couch. She's given us pretty much free reign to come up with daring schemes, and we're happy to take her up on it. We're thinking in broad strokes about evolving the relationship between metal and wood beyond the metal base and glue-up top standard. other possibilities to explore: joinery between metal and wood that doesn't include fasteners (pinned through mortises with metal tenons?,) using a full 20' of metal stock without cutting it once, or just ripping off a design we really like - maybe Noguchi?

Naw, we wouldn't do that, but the famous Noguchi table is an inspiration for this particular project, partially because it's triangular and also because it seems to live by different rules than most other tables.