Thursday, May 20, 2010

Updates from the Lads at Just Fine

Hello out there!  Matt and I have been busy with a couple fun projects.  Our chicken coop is nearly complete, it just needs finishing touches like fancy door closures and the copper pipe water catchment system.  The butterfly roof is magnificent and the whole package has some really nice flourishes.  As if you need another reason to go, come check out our coop at Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo.  We will be there with my hens Amelia and Frank Lloyd.  Matt also made a fantastic wood sign and our friend Libi Wood has been preparing some propaganda.  Sweet!  No new pictures of the coop yet but maybe tomorrow.

We have also been busy building and installing some massive three dimensional frames for our friend Aliza Rand.  Her MFA show opens this Friday night at the Berkeley Art Museum on Bancroft.  Her pictures are massive--up to 11 feet tall!  Aliza's cyanotypes elegantly capture shadows from around San Francisco on light-sensitive fabric.  We are really excited to be a part of a show at BAM which is a beautiful concrete gallery built with no right angles.  The frames turned out "perfect" says Aliza and the install was difficult but a learning experience (all our jobs are!). 

Finally, a little Just Fine press and more links than you can shake a stick at.  In case you missed the interview with the folks at Maker Faire you can find it here.  And our friend and collaborator Liz Dunning gave us a shout on her blog.  She was recently interviewed on a great new blog I just found called Handful of Salt.  Check out Liz Dunning, she makes beautiful furniture in Alameda on the old Naval Base and she has a sweet blog of her own!  We found Liz when we were researching how to make the Rump Stumplings (which recently sold at Zonal!) with a mini chainsaw----she had done something similar for a set of benches.  I was with Liz on Sunday for her birthday ferry ride to Angel Island and it was a beautiful day in the sun.  Check out this nearly secluded beach we found with a view of San Francisco!

That's it for this installment.  Check back soon and we really hope to see you at Maker Faire.  Matt and I have been working long days and a few short nights to get the new coop ready and we are so proud to show it off to the world!

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