Friday, March 4, 2011

Custom Pallet Chicken Coop for Novella Carpenter is Open for Occupancy

The predicted rains this week held off so yesterday Matt and I put the finishing touches on Novella Carpenter's custom Pallet Chicken Coop at Ghost Town Farm. Made almost entirely out of de-constructed shipping pallets and found materials, this hen house is a fine addition to Novella's impressive urban oasis.

Note the handsome chalkboard for tallying egg production, which doubles as a giant door to clean out the roosting area. The space underneath the cantilever is for dry storage for food, straw, etc. The big door we found at a scrap yard--we stripped the paint to expose beautiful old redwood!

With only a few hours left on the job, Novella really stepped up the snack service to an obscene level: housemade rabbit pate, delectable creamy cheese drizzled with honey, warm crusty bread, almonds, pickled green beans & radishes, and dried mangos and pineapple rings. Matt and I love snacks!

She lives well, that Novella, and hopefully her chickens will live well too in their new custom hen house. On to the next one!

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