Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 new chicken coops on display and for sale in West Oakland, Calif.

Hey everybody,
Matt and I finished our last two chicken coops for the book, designed and built in Oakland, Calif. Interested in owning a piece of history? Check them out at our friend Maurice's urban chicken farm oasis on Mandela Parkway @ 11th Street, West Oakland.

The Simple Coop features reclaimed redwood siding and a rusty sheet metal shed roof. It is built to accomodate standard home insulation so this coop would do well in an extreme climate, hot or cold.

The Nordic style A-Frame is sleet, snow, hail, and sun resistant.

Each coop's footprint is 4-feet by 4-feet and will house three or four chickens. Priced to move at $750 each, we will deliver within reason in the Bay Area.
Contact us for a site visit.
Thanks for your interest in our work.


  1. The first exhibit may be called “simple”, but that sure is an efficient coop. I mean, with a simple collection of sidings and some sheet metal for the roof, the structure has almost become the same as the houses we have today. If I owned something like that, I’d paint it with a coating that can help it cope with any weather condition, just to make it more efficient and long-lasting.

  2. For the a-frame style coop is there a roosting bar in there? If so, how does it work?