Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new project, new rules

Just Fine is in the research and development stage of a project for a client in Denver who wants a triangular metal + wood coffee table to fit in the corner of her L shaped couch. She's given us pretty much free reign to come up with daring schemes, and we're happy to take her up on it. We're thinking in broad strokes about evolving the relationship between metal and wood beyond the metal base and glue-up top standard. other possibilities to explore: joinery between metal and wood that doesn't include fasteners (pinned through mortises with metal tenons?,) using a full 20' of metal stock without cutting it once, or just ripping off a design we really like - maybe Noguchi?

Naw, we wouldn't do that, but the famous Noguchi table is an inspiration for this particular project, partially because it's triangular and also because it seems to live by different rules than most other tables.

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