Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grow Your Own

We here at Just Fine Design/Build encourage folks to grow their own food, and especially encourage y'all to keep your own chickens!  To show how serious we are about such adventure I recently adopted two hens from the San Francisco Animal Control Shelter.

The chickens are great pets and one of them is already laying a fresh egg every morning.  Amazing!

If you are interested in a custom, stylish coop for some chickens of your own, please contact us.  Most city ordinances (including San Francisco) allow up to 4 hens per yard (no roosters). We have a couple coop designs that we would love to build in advance of our showing at Maker Faire 2010.

Thanks to Michel for the photos of the Proud Papa and that beautiful coop. Thanks to Matt & the West Oakland Chicken Tractor Design/Build for the beautiful coop!

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